Playing with Paper: Card Classes Overview

Ready to learn how to make a card for every season? Want to brush up on watercolor techniques to make personalized stationery? How about letting your kids in on the crafting fun with projects catered to their creativity? Learn all that and more in this month's Card classes.

Creating with Kids with Natalie Elphinstone. It's great to document your family, but why not include your kids in the actual documenting process too? Memory-keeping is a process they can learn from and enjoy right alongside you. Natalie offers nine different craft techniques you can teach your kids to get them started, and this class will finish up with a creative collaborative project you'll all enjoy.

Postmarked with Julie Campbell. Have you been there to witness the joy a handmade card can bring to someone? It can be the one thing that brightens their day. In this class series, Julie will offer techniques, challenges, and ideas to keep us inspired, including a card organizer to keep everything together!

Cards for Every Season with Lea Lawson. Why buy your cards from kiosks when you can create them yourself? Lea shows how to make awesome cards for every season and occasion, with step-by-step lessons for beginners and experienced cardmakers alike.

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