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It's Friday and that means Stacy is back with us to share another inspiring member here at Big Picture Classes.  

Ah, the world of fairytales, where everything exists in perfect harmony! I can’t imagine living in such a place, but Marie-Pierre just recently created a layout that is 100% fairytale and beautifully harmonious, right down to the way it glistens in the light. Harmony in visual design means all parts of the whole relate and complement each other—let’s start with Marie-Pierre’s ethereal background, which is hand drawn, water colored and accented with shimmer medium. From there move on to the Rapunzel-esque tower, complete with flag, a curtained window and balcony, which as the primary image supports the story of a modern-day princess who is learning to endure the daily care of lusciously long locks. The best part of this page (in my humble estimation) is the story, which Marie-Pierre was inspired to write while taking Lisa Moorefield’s Creative Journaling class, in which Lisa shares tips, tricks, techniques, and her favorite ideas for improving and adding creativity to scrapbook storytelling.

Marie-Pierre shared additional images of this layout and lots of details on her blog.

Here are her words about the journaling …

“Once I got the idea of writing in the style of a fairy tale, I Googled… and I found some tips like: you need a beginning, a problem or obstacle, an enemy, a lesson learned and a "happily ever after" ending. It's all very obvious, but reading about it made it so much easier for me to compose my text. And, I didn't spend hours on it either. I made a rough draft, and then simply transferred the text. I could have probably let it sit a little and come back to it the next day, but I was impatient!”

Writing the story on another piece of paper, allowed Marie to precisely plan how many lines she would need. She also planned the larger drop cap “O” and painted it with gold ink. To help keep her sentences straight, she drew light pencil lines to follow. Marie-Pierre wanted to finish her story off with a fancy “The End” so she searched Pinterest for some word art that she was able to imitate and also paint with gold ink.

There’s no doubt that Arielle (the princess in the story) will read this beautifully crafted story and always remember it. I guess you could say it will live “happily ever after” in her imagination.

Good job Mom.


P.S. For more inspiration, be sure to visit the student gallery and by all means, upload your creations! 

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  1. Debbie250x250 DebbieHodge says…

    This is a great page that Marie originally made for a Get it scrapped assignment on designing with a fairy tale style Our post on the topic went live this week.

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  2. Blayneswing1 blayne65 says…

    Gorgeous page! So sweet.

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