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Three new classes start today at BPC! Jump into a classroom and add these skills to your crafty toolbox. Learn how to draw gorgeous floral designs with Smitha Katti in Hand-Drawn Floral Illustrations. Make your planner work for you to help achieve your goals with Jamie Pate in Everyday Working Planner. And explore trends and how to use them in your paper crafting projects with Taheerah Atchia in On Trend. Join in and create something today!

Hand-Drawn Floral Illustrations

Let your creativity bloom with unique, hand-drawn florals! In this class, Smitha Katti builds on the skills taught in her previous class, Make Happy Art, teaches you how to combine different types of media, and inspires you to transform them into stunning floral arrangements on your page! In Hand-Drawn Floral Illustrations, learn how to create gorgeous works of art you that can be added to your scrapbook pages, planner, handmade cards, or simply a blank page in your sketchbook!

Start drawing with Smitha!

Everyday Working Planner

Whether you're a business owner, a stay-at-home mom, or a working gal, planning your day is essential to accomplishing the tasks and goals you set for yourself. Jamie Pate knows the importance of planning the work and working the plan, and she's here to share her tried-and-true process of setting up and utilizing a working planner with you. In Everyday Working Planner, Jamie guides you step by step through creating a dashboard, setting priorities for your month, designing a useful workflow, and breaking down to-do lists into manageable pieces. Finish out the class with a bonus lesson featuring Jamie's favorite way to start her week off on the right foot. When you set yourself up for success, there's nothing you can't accomplish.

Get to work with Jamie!

On Trend

What are trends? Where do they come from and why? In On Trend, unpack the mystery of trends while learning how to spot them, organize them, and use them in your paper crafting projects. Taheerah Atchia starts with the basics by teaching the theory of trends and guides you through creating mood boards. Then, take an in-depth look at specific trends such as hand-drawn illustrations, celestial themes, and bold florals and create cards based on each trend. By learning to use trends as inspiration, you can translate these ideas to any paper crafting format. At the end of this class, you'll be a trendspotting pro!

Explore trends with Taheerah!

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