10 Projects to Add a Little Sunshine to Your Day

Add a little sunshine to your day with a crafty project! The teachers at BPC have pulled together ten project ideas you're sure to love—all with a bright and sunny twist! Check out each one below and be sure to share what you create in our Student Gallery.

Let your art bring a smile to your face. 

Make Happy Art, Smitha Katti

Happy art is motivational art that makes you happy while you're creating it, but can also cheer you up or brighten your day by reinforcing the positive on any other given day. Words are powerful, and writing them down can alter your feelings and change your mood for the day. Making your own happy art should be relaxing and energizing. You can color, draw, doodle, letter, or paint!

Dress up your planner for an instant mood booster. 

Planner Love, Leah O'Neil

Pockets can be used functionally or just to add some pretty décor to the front of your planner, or a mixture of both. I prefer to mix fashion and function!

What's not to love about 3D flowers? 

Paige's Pages | 12, Paige Evans 

I used some of my favorite colorful papers from my "Oh My Heart" collection with Pink Paislee for all the flower petals and then cut the centers from the same piece of yellow paper for consistency. It would be fun to see these flowers cut from solid papers or even cardstock; the same cut files can be used so many different ways to get unique results!

Branch out and try something new—like cutting your photo into circles! 

The Joy of Circles, Caroli Schultz 

I'll share my absolute love and devotion for circles. I've been working with circles since the beginning of my scrapbooking journey and I love them. They're a very versatile and fun shape, and they're an excellent way of using all those little scraps we keep hoarding in our stash just because.

Create a mini album full of happiness. 

You Are My Happy, Soraya Maes

Soraya Maes will help you gather your favorite photos, stories, and memories into a fun and colorful mini book. Soraya shares a variety of tips and techniques for organizing your supplies, displaying photos within your album, embellishing your album, and more—all of which come together to make a one-of-a-kind mini album that holds all your favorite memories.

Make your own lettered art print that you can look at every day. 

Your Unique Lettering, Mandy Ford

My hope is that this class will be different from other lettering classes you’ve seen or perhaps taken in that I’m not going to teach you a lettering style to copy or replicate. Instead, I want you to embrace your own handwriting and turn it into a style of lettering all your own! That means there are NO rules—we aren’t using guides, rulers, or anything other than your own handwriting and lots of inspiration.

Send a happy card to a friend—just because!

Painted Notes, Lisa Spangler

There's just nothing like sending someone a card. My heart feels happy as I put it in the mail and I imagine the recipient opening it. Many times I've given someone a card I made with mixed media materials and watched as they flip it over and see the back and they're like "you MADE this? WOW!". It feels so good.

Add a pom-pom cover to your next mini for some extra fun. 

"Us" | A Mini Book About Your Life, Kelli Rich

I'm so excited to teach you how to make this mini book. Mine is filled with moments of my life. I have entitled it "Us" because it's all about me, my husband, and our three boys. It expresses a little bit about each of my kids and is filled with lots of pictures and interactive elements. It represents so much about us and our life right now.

Add a bouquet of flowers to your next layout. 

Flower Power, Anna Komenda

I love the brightness of this page. It's one-of-a-kind because I created my own background. It's also a great way of creating if you don't have a lot of embellishments.

Harness the sunshine of summer in a themed mini. 

Summer Fun Mini Album, Ashley Horton

In this class, I'll create an album that covers June, July, and August of 2015. I've got some ideas, tips, and techniques to help you get started on your album. I hope you have fun with the class lessons and end up with your own "Summer Fun" mini album.

Are you ready to add a little sunshine to your projects? Get started today in these ten fun classes! Remember, as a member of Big Picture Classes, you get access to our entire library of classes. Sign up now and start exploring!

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