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I enjoyed these lessons very much. Hope Jamie does more classes.
I really enjoyed the class, though the video was a bit jumpy
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@erin_mould Minchinbury, NSW Australia
Loved the kit idea!
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@donita Muleshoe, TX
Lots of clever ideas and good use of materials!
Loved watching the videos @jamiewaters especially liked how in the first you showed the contents and then this was used throughout the lessons. I feel inspired to create scrapbook layouts within 15 minutes now.
@HelloTodayCreate Hunter Valley, NSW Australia
It is not realistic to say 15 minutes, you need time to select the pictures and cut the, that alone takes a lot of time. Just gluing the down is not the time consuming job, so please be more down to earth. I made these layouts in an hour and half, and that was great!
@CharlotteElvedal Kolbotn, outside Oslo, Norway
This class has been such a motivational class. After years of seeing such detailed pages and feeling overwhelmed, I'm thrilled to put picture and pen to page and still have it look great in 15 minutes! It doesn't have to take days or hours to record the memories.
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@clarkwith4 Ripon, CA
Love the layouts. Great class. Love the real time instead of fast forwarding. When I watch those I feel like I need to move that fast too. LOL
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@LouiseMurr Corryton, TN
With this class I've learned that time is not a problem when scrapbooking! Fantastic class!
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@smobrito Salvador, Bahia Brazil
Really loved it. Very inspiring. Very creative. Loved the explanation. So helpful. Great job. Thank you!
Thanks for the class Jamie! My first layout took about 2 hours but as your lessons sank in the layouts took less and less time. The shortest being about 25 minutes. I didn't make a 15 minute layout but I still learned something and enjoyed the class. AND completed 5 layouts in less than a week! :)
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While some of the concepts (e.g., fussy cutting and 2 page layouts) are not my style, the lessons were full of tips and tricks that I found really inspiring. I did 4 of the 5 assignments (make a kit and 3 layouts) and love the layouts I came up with. I did spend more than 15 minutes but I was faster than I usually am.
@juliee Canal Winchester, OH
Love that there was videos for every lesson.
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I really loved this class. This is my style of scrapping too which was lovely. Great no fuss pages.
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@valerieann Johannesburg, Gauteng South Africa
Loved all her layouts and the simplicity and freedom to combine different patterns, colors and embellishments. I love that Jamie has such a sweet voice and doesn’t talk the entire time. It’s more relaxing that way and enjoyable to watch and listen.
This class is so inspiring! I love how Jamie takes a limited amount of product and gets so many layouts done. I'm definitely going to work on packing a kit this week and giving this a go. Thanks so much for the inspiration!
@Annette Montclair , CA
Very clear and concise. I like the fact that we could tell Jamie made the layouts in real time. Inspires us to know that we can do it, too. Also, valuable lesson learned. Scrapping quickly is easier if you have a kit prepared and don't go searching all over the house for something.