Born in My Heart | An Adoption Album
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Choose Your Album & Supplies

Use these tips to help you select the album and products that go along with your story.

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Select & Organize Your Photos

Plan out your album by choosing, organizing, and editing your photos.

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Collecting Memorabilia & Important Papers

Decide what kind of documents, memorabilia, and other information your album will include.

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Ask for Information About Your Child

These tips and resources will help you find facts about your child’s life before their adoption.

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Heritage Items

Learn how to choose and record items that represent your child’s heritage.

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Their Story: How Much to Include

Patricia will help you decide which details from your child’s past to include in your album.

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Our Story: How Much to Include

These tips will help parents choose which parts of their own story they want to tell.

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Where They Were Born

See how to document where your child came from using memorabilia, photos, and other items.

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Putting the Album Together

Patricia shares a look at her album and her process for putting it all together.