Compose Your Layout | 01

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I loved her personal examples showing diverse ways to use the designs. And her explanations made it easy to replicate. Looking forward to the next installment of this class.
@agirling United States
This was one of the best classes I've watched. She had such great layouts and she explained all of her designs very well. I was loving every bit of what she demonstrated. I hope to see more classes by her. Thanks so much !
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@beckyy77 United States
Very inspirational. Loved this class and I can see me going back to it over and over.
So inspiring. Now I go on Pinterest and decide which design composition my faves are and save to that. My layouts go so much faster now. Thanks.
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@MimiEllen New York, NY
I loved this class! There are so many great examples for each lesson, which was awesome to see.
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@TOxford Richland, WA
great class, excellent instructor. thank you BPC
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@sandydandy hendersonville, TN
This has been my favorite class so far! Looking forward to part 2!
Very glad to learn new ideas..
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@andrewrozon Hawkesbury, ON Canada
I love all the amazing techniques and ideas!!!
Morioni is my favorite teacher here at BPC as she teach realy step by step and her enthousiasm is inspiring me always.
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@dafscraps Alphen aan den Rijn , Netherlands
Excelente explicación y con ejemplos muy gráficos feliz de haber participado
@Isabel_Martinez Nuñez, Ciudad Autonoma de Buenos Aire Argentina
Most useful Scrapbooking class I’ve ever taken. Not only is Anna a sympathatic, structured, and organized teacher with great didactic skills, who can carry across her point, but also is she one of those very few versatile scrapbookers whose creations don’t all look alike!!!
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@CaroCreates Freiburg , Baden-Württemberg Germany
What a fantastic class, I have been scrapping for a long time but I still think I learnt new things and was refreshed in many others I had just let slip. So so many examples, brilliant job!
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@Leish16 Mildura, Victoria Australia
Great class! I like that you show several pages, with different style, for each composition. You are easy to understand, both the language and your step-by-step videos. Thank you very much for this class, I have learned a lot and can´t wait to start on part 2:)