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Introduction & What to Pack

Get prepared for your Disney trip by packing the right essentials!

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DSLR vs. Smartphone

Which type of camera should you take along on your Disney vacation?

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Collecting Character Autographs

Simple ways to collect autographs inside the parks, keeping in mind how you'll want to use them.

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Collecting Memorabilia

Tips for collecting and storing memorabilia while on your trip.

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Record Your Memories

Ideas for jotting down notes and other important things throughout your trip!

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Eliminate the Crowd

Tips and tricks for eliminating crowds in your photos while in the parks.

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Character Interactions

Get the best photos of your children interacting with the characters inside the park.

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Capturing the Details

Take in and record all there is to offer at Disney!

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Capturing the Magic

Capturing those magical Disney moments through your lens!