Document the Magic | Photos & Keepsakes

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Content is terrific! However, I really want to see more videos in each class. much more personal and interesting when i can watch someone rather than just read content. This is more like reading a scrapbooking blog or book.
I love the supply checklist, and the completion button for each lesson. Class specific: I love that example photos were provided when she described how to capture a shot. I love that this is the beginning of a series, so there is more to look forward to! This is perfect timing, as we are going to Disney in less than 2 months! Thank you for the class!
Great tips for planning ahead and taking great photos at the park so that you can preserve those memories for years to come!
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@tamivik Pullman, WA
good class for someone heading on their first trip to Disney
@sue_novascotia Halifax, NS Canada
many great ideas that could be applied to other minis for vacation/themed vacation
@KikiK Athens, Greece
Loved this class and all the great ideas for documenting Disney! I wish I had taken the class before our trip but there's lots of information in the class that I can use to help me document our magical vacation!
Too bad there was no video or pics of the finished album. I would have loved to see it.
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@nassnathy Saint-Avertin, France
A great addition to the planning routine for a Disney trip!
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@tgmousechick Columbus, OH
This was awesome! Wish I had small children to go to Disneyland!
Great tips for the Disney lover!
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@Jc99 Burbank, CA
A lot of good suggestions on what to bring and how to record and capture your memories. Can't wait to see the next class on how to work through the stuff collected and pictures taken so a great keepsake can be pieced together.
@packmom West Sacramento, CA
Well defined sections. Lots of tips for Disney fans, new and experienced travelers.
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@Cfoscrapper Waterville, NY
I have been to Disney several times over the years, so some of this I knew, but there were plenty of novel ideas that are going to make our next visit even more memorable after it's over!
Practical information and useful tips that will save time when visiting Disney parks. Thanks for offering this class.
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@mrsbecarm Western Australia, Australia
Great class! She designed it so well that I can't wait for my next visit to Disney!