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Adorable class with lots of inspiring tips!
@vacchelli Seefeld, Bayern Germany
I really enjoyed seeing the different ways to incorporate doodles into my life. I doodle mindlessly mostly, so the class really helped me to see how to focus my doodles into miniature pieces of Art I can use in my albums, life planner, or even on their own in a frame!
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@sassynsweet Ellicott City, MD
Brandi is an Excellent teacher, as a teacher myself that means a lot to me. I want More of her doodling classes!
Great instructor! I love how she broke each doodle down into its parts. It made doodling feel doable. Thank you!
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This is such a fun class! I didn't think I could doodle, but thanks to Brandi's inspiring step by step teaching style I have discovered that I can!
@Msaula United States
I loved this class, even though i can't draw I had so much fun. I recommend it to everyone, give it a go its kind of liberating and funny looking at your doodles.
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@LindaInAus Perth, WA Australia
A fun class. Explained and illustrated well! I liked that it contained the basics but gave ideas to go further.
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@sljones Grande Prairie, AB Canada
Truly one of the best classes ever, so much fun and Brandi is amazing. Loved and seriously hoping there will be many more doodled classes. Hint hint
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@tracey0502 Perth, WA Australia
Feel totally inspired even though when I started this I didn't think I would be taught anything original. I was soooooo wrong.
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@Romie United Kingdom
Brandi, this is such a fun class. You take the scary out of drawing. Thank you.
@CeliseMcL Pawleys Island, SC
Teacher is extremely informative and sweet. Lots of info
Loved this class!
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@tmac1069 Flint, MI
Great class - first couple of lessons for absolute beginners but full of inspiration for the seasoned doodler as well!
@sue_novascotia Halifax, NS Canada
brandi has a great presentation style. I'm looking forward to using what I've learned in this class.
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@isabel3487 athol, ID
Awesome class. Very well spoken instructor who knew how to break things down so that I could understand.
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@moonball Kingston, ON Canada
I thoroughly enjoyed the class, Brandi! I'm excited to try the new things that I've learned...and just hope that I've indeed graduated a step up from stick people :)
Love it! Good info!
This was so much fun! Just enough of a stretch to try something new and build some skills, but not overwhelming in "workload" :)
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@tgmousechick Columbus, OH
loved it! She takes the intimidation out of doodling for beginners, like me :)
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@Jmombz San jose, CA
Such a fabulous, inspiring and fun class. Love it! Thank you so much; I have learned loads :)
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@yecarruthers Edinburgh, Lothian United Kingdom
Amazing class!!!
Profilemelb july
@JustMel ON, Canada
I loved this class! It gave me great confidence to give things a go and some basic figures to get things started. After completing it I went on to post a doodle a day every day through June to Instagram. Practice definitely helps, but I still have a way to go :-) Thank you Brandi :-)
Super fun and useful class - I really, really enjoyed it.
Ute bewerb1 sm
@Ute_HH Hamburg, Germany
Awesome Instructor and class! Loved it
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@LSchmidtMFT Nashville, TN
she is an excellent teacher and gives you confidence to try something new.
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@Tania26 Australia
This class was awesome!! I really enjoyed the lessons and how Brandi broke everything down to show how simple it can be. I also really appreciated the last lesson - watching Brandi doodle some random suggestions was great, I liked seeing her process. Thanks!!
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@Buzz_Lovely Coeur D'Alene, ID
This was great! I doodled along with her examples! Didn't do too bad!
Brandi is amazing! I loved this class!! I have been having so much fun doodling and am so excited to add these doodles to my projects!!
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@JessMB Hayden, ID
Really enjoyed this class - thank you. I don't think this is probably possible in terms of organisation as I understand the course needs to be filmed and complete, however, with the list that Brandi compiled on what to draw (mason jar, books etc) would it have been possible to ask that on the forum at the beginning of the course. Thank you Brandi for your friendly and easy to understand delivery. Renee
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@rdu2 Sydney, South Australia
LOVED this class!! Feel so inspired to try this new way of documenting life.
Such a fun class! Great videos and lots of tips and ideas even for a complete beginner like me! Very excited to keep playing with doodles and incorporate them into various projects. Thanks Brandi!
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Teacher has a great energy. Really breaks things down. Would love to take a class from her again! Or even a longer more in depth doodle classes.
@Shannonmaria El Cerrito, CA
This class is super fun & inspiring! you don't have to be great at drawing- you just have to be willing to put some time in practicing- it's not too hard & anyone can learn how improve their doodling! Brandi is a wonderful & positive teacher- you're sure to love her teaching style & her work is amazing!
@gabber las vegas, NV
Simply loved that class! I read and watched all the lessons in only one morning and I couldn't believe how good my doodles were getting in those short hours. Honestly did not expect to get that much from this class. Brandi is great at explaining her techniques and uses amazing visuals! Thumbs up!
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@christinem79 Quebec, QC Canada
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