Everyday Embellishing

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Great lessons. The fun thing about membership with BPC is I can refer back to any of the lessons for a refresher or to jump start my creativity. Thanks for introducing me to these awesome classes.
Love this class!
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@verabmueller Gold Coast, Australia
Amazing, so inspiring, thanks so much!!
love this class!
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@catape United States
Awesome. Would love to see more classes!
This was a great class! Thanks for the ideas and suggestions.
Even though I've been doing PL spreads for a while now, there are a few great tips and tricks in this class. I'll definitely try using my cutting machine to create a date card. And the embellishment ideas are fantastic. I am looking forward to trying it all out.
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@tealandtafetta NRW, Germany
This class was so helpful! Best PL class I have taken. There are so many great ideas and its laid out so well. I will be referencing back to this class alot! Thanks Beshka!