Bpc journal l1 teaser
Introduction & Supplies

Find out why journaling is so important and what supplies you'll need for this class!

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Basic Journaling

Discover the foundation of what journaling is—putting pen to paper!

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Background Journaling

Now that you have a basic foundation of journaling, let’s explore background journaling.

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Stamped Journaling

Let’s explore another journaling technique—stamped journaling.

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Interactive Journaling

Explore how to incorporate journaling on a basic interactive flip card!

Bpc journal l6 teaser
Tuck Spots

Let’s explore some different interactive journaling techniques!

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Hidden Journaling

Hidden journaling is the way to go if you want to tell a private story. Ready to give it a try?

Bpc journal l8 teaser
Finished Notebook Flip-Through

Let's take a look at my finished notebook and wrap things up.