Foiledtag lesson 01 teaser 5
Let's Get Organized

Get an overview of class, and start gathering a kit to create a tag mini album.

Jp foil tag lesson02 teaser 4
Let's Repeat

Make it easier to create a multi-page mini album by designing an album plan.

Jp foil tag lesson03 teaser 1
Let's Foil

Time to add Minc mediums to your pages and start foiling.

Jp foil tag lesson04 teaser 1
Let's Laminate

Play with some laminate tags, and add them to your mini album.

Jpfoiltag lesson 05 teaser 2
Let's Print

Print some photos that are the perfect size for your mini album.

Jpfoiltag lesson 06 teaser 1
Let's Put It All Together

Put all those beautiful foiled pages and photographs together to complete this foiled mini album.