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Not possible in two hours, but a great project and class anyway!
@CharlotteElvedal Kolbotn, outside Oslo, Norway
This class has me completing a final project which I never tend to do very quickly. I absolutely love this class! :)
I had the privilege of taking this class in person and loved it. I am very happy for a refresher. I love making albums with limited supplies and limiting the time I spend on making it.
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@Mariemalone Manassas, VA
Loved this class! Wish the new BPC had more like this. More classes that are about encouraging independent creativity, not just how to's.
@Katie52 United States
You classes are always so full of energy! THANK YOU, Stacy!
2015 04 08 13.22.14
@nassnathy Saint-Avertin, France
Stacey- I started in on the class recognizing a lot of what made me finish minis I actually finished in the past and a lot of truths as to why I never finished some Projects. Thanks for putting in writing what I have to do. But what struck me most is how you let us in on what is going on with your little one. I have, in the past, often used scrapbooking to compensate stressful times with my high-energy, high-IQ, high-maintenance middle boy (now 11) in a very therapeutical way. Lately though thru a lot of other events I fell short on that creative therapy. Thank you sooo much for reminding me by putting it out there, I know how hard it must have been! Off to my scraproom now!!
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@Fritzi regensburg, south Germany
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@awalsh United States
Just what I am looking for, very inspiring and FUN!
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@WELUVSTANGS Clarksville, TN
Love all things Stacy
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@StephanieHokenson United States
This was a nice overview of how to put together a one topic album. Stacy is always fun and inspirational.
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@Hsmom Madison, WI
I love the limited amount of supplies so that you're not distracted by looking for something to add to a page. I agree that it helps uniformity and it also speed up the process love this class thanks
@Lubear United States