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Introduction & Supplies

Let's talk about art & craft supplies and art journaling!

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Types of Journals and Journaling

Where to start? Let's look at a few styles of journaling and the kinds of art journals available.

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Ink Pads, Stamps, and Markers - Visual Journal Page

Let use some simple stamps, ink, and markers to create a quick sketchy floral page.

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Paper and Paint - Collage Page

It's time to use those scraps and magazine images! Let's create a junk journal collage page.

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Sprays, Embossing Powder, and Modeling Paste - Mixed Media Page

Feeling brave? Let loose and create a multi-layered mixed media page with vintage flavor.

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Stencils and Watercolor Paint - Swatch Page

Create something fun & practical for your last page!

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Final Wrap-Up

Let's talk about a few important issues to finish the class. Make your page killer with these ideas!

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