Journaling Cards Revisited
Intro teaser bpc 3

Let's revisit our journaling card stash and create with them using some fun techniques!

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Creating Embellishments/Ephemera

Let's create DIY embellishments/ephemera using 3" x 4" journaling cards!

Lesson 2 teaser bpc 3
Make a layout using the DIY Embellishments

Let's create a 12" x 12" layout using some of the embellishments that we just made!

Lesson 3 teaser bpc 3
Create a Mini Album

Let's use our leftover embellishments to create a mini album!

Lesson 4 teaser bpc 3
Create A Background

Let's take some journaling cards and create a beautiful background with them!

Lesson 5 teaser bpc 3
Create Sequin Shakers

Create sequin shakers using journaling cards!