Blending lesson 002

Two Ways to Blend

Learn two fun and easy ways to blend colors with brush pens.

Sketch lettering 002

Sketch Lettering

It's pencil's time to shine! No more being overlooked in the lettering world!

Faux watercolor lettering 005

Faux Watercolor Lettering

There's an easier way to create watercolor lettering! Grab your water-based brush pen markers!

Air and water lettering 003

Air & Water Splash Lettering

Let's take advantage of water-based brush pens! Just add air to the faux watercolor technique.

Plaid lettering 004

Plaid Lettering

Look around you—inspiration is everywhere. I love interesting patterns and my favorite is plaid!

Wood texture 001

Nature Inspired Lettering

In this lesson, we'll be inspired by nature. Let's create lettering using wood as our inspiration.

Animal print lettering 002

Animal Print Lettering

It's about to get wild in BPC! We're closing this class with a dangerous lesson!

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