Lettering Your Way

with Christine Herrin

Lettering Your Way

with Christine Herrin

About this class

Make your lettering your own! In Lettering Your Way, Christine Herrin focuses on helping you create beautiful hand-lettered pieces based your own handwriting—not someone else's style! Start with the basics and learn which brush pens to begin with. Play with the unique effects they give as Christine provides tips and exercises to practice writing with a variety of tools. Then, learn her favorite techniques for designing hand-lettered pieces, digitizing your work, and turning your hand lettering into photo overlays and other projects. Finish out this class with a fun process video sharing how to get a piece of hand lettering onto a photo—all on your phone—to make it Instagram-ready. In Lettering Your Way, you'll gain the knowledge and skills to add beautiful, personalized lettering to any project! All content will be available March 19th. 

Christine Herrin

  • San Francisco, CA
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8 lessons

Christine starts with the basics of hand lettering while sharing how to add decorative flair to your own handwriting for a personalized look. Then she takes it a step further with a look at different materials, design tips, and information on digitizing your work. Her lessons contain text, in-depth videos, and homework assignments to apply what you've learned!


4 hours

It'll take around four hours to watch all the videos and read the text, but be prepared to put in some extra practice time to complete your assignments.



This masterclass is self-paced. Take it anytime, anywhere, and on any device. You’ll receive long-term access to the content in this class, so return to the material whenever you need a boost of creative inspiration.

Class Lessons

Introduction & Overview

Find out what we're going to learn in this class and a little bit about my lettering journey.

Get to Know Your Materials

Get to know a few of the brush pens out there and choose one that suits you best!

Love Your Handwriting

Before we start playing with brushes, let's get to know your handwriting and what makes it unique.

Start Brush Lettering

Start writing out phrases and letters using your brush pens.

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