Love Your Phone Photos

with Allison Waken

Love Your Phone Photos

with Allison Waken

About this class

Capturing your favorite moments doesn’t require fancy equipment or tons of accessories. It’s easier than ever to document your memories with your always-accessible phone—but that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality. In Love Your Phone Photos, join Allison Waken as she shares how to get creative, tell your stories, and improve your phone photography to create beautiful images for your memory keeping projects. Discover where to find light and how to use it to your benefit, explore the rules of photography such a composition, framing, lines and learn how to apply them, and get tips and tricks for approaching everyday scenes and capturing the moments that matter most to you. Photography connects us with a special moment in time. Tell the stories you want to tell with phone photos you love. 

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Allison Waken

  • Phoenix, AZ

9 lessons

Allison reveals the different rules for photography and how to apply them to shooting with your phone to improve the look of your photos. Each lesson features detailed written instruction, videos to follow along with, and homework assignments to practice your skills!

4 hours

It'll take around four hours to watch all the videos and read the text, but be prepared to put in some extra practice time to sharpen your photography skills.


This masterclass is self-paced. Take it anytime, anywhere, and on any device. You’ll receive long-term access to the content in this class, so return to the material whenever you need a boost of creative inspiration.

Class Lessons


You don't need fancy equipment to shoot pictures you love. Capture great photos with your phone!


Great lighting is key to great photos. Learn how to find the best light & use it to your advantage!

Composition Basics

Set yourself up for success with great composition!


Take your photos to the next level with tips and tricks for framing.

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