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Let's get started and learn how to create a journal out of supplies you can find at home.


Gather Your Supplies

Let's talk about the types of materials (aka junk) that you can collect for your journal.

Lesson 2 journal

Constructing Your Journal

This lesson will take you through the process of binding your junk journal.


Making a Background in Your Junk Journal

Start making art in your junk journal! Be prepared to get a bit messy.


Let's Add Some Paint

Build on your background layer by adding paint and other textures for interest.


Adding Illustrations

The final step of my journaling process is to add illustrations and marks to my spreads.


More Art Pages

Watch as I add more spreads in my junk journal, including one featuring an image transfer!


A Junk Journal Flip-Through and Conclusion

To finish off this class, take a look at my constructed journal.

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