Teaser welcome

Welcome to the MAXI Mini Album class!

Learn more about Janna, and see what you'll learn in this class.

Bigpictureclasses lesson1 teaser

Create the base

Learn how to create the base of the maxi mini album.

Bigpictureclasses lesson3 pocketsandhiddenspots teaser

Add more pockets and hidden spots

Learn how to incorporate hidden spots and pockets by using patterned paper and tags.

Bigpictureclasses lesson4 teaser

Decorate the inside

Let your photos pop, hide the journaling and decorate the pages.

Bigpictureclasses lesson5 cover teaser

Decorate the cover

Let's add a cover highlight to the MAXI Mini Album and embellish the spine.

Bigpictureclasses lesson6 walkthrough teaser

MAXI Mini Album walkthrough

Janna shares the finished MAXI Mini Album.

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