Memory Keeping in The Happy Planner™

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WOW! Fantastic Class! Lots of great tips and ideas! Excellent presenter!
@eve2012 Bronx, NY
Everything was perfect❤
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@polishplannergirl Kansas City, MO
Cannot wait to continue on with my Happy Planner with the wonderful tips I learned from this class!!
@edsmit05 Sellersburg, IN
Amanda is great! Really loving this intro to the happy planner. It's so versatile!!
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@LisaDoesLife Richmond Hill, ON Canada
Very well spoken and visually appealing to the eye. Amanda shows why her memory planning style is so sought after as she shared her tips and techniques to help us "newbies" or (not as talented) in my case to get creative and find MY STYLE!!! Thank you and job well done :)
Loved the class I was struggling with wanting to memory plan but using it as a planner for life tasks so now I can see a way
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@Stefanielee Kemp, TX
I would love to see more classes on Memory Planning!! Love it!
Thank you! Really wanting to flex my creativity muscle this year and this is how I am going to do it!
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@kelciegrace Portland, OR
This class was great I am a beginner in the planner world so this was so helpful for me cause I was about to just give up on that idea of Happy Planner life lol.. Thanks for the step by steps info very beneficial to me. Now I ready to give it a try thanks again Amanda
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@Serenity2 Bronx , NY
Thank you so much! This really helped me to understand the concept and prepped me well to start up!
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@yolita1023s Miami, FL
I loved all the examples. The bonus lesson was my favorite. Thanks for the class.
@pookie261 Marysville, OH
I loved this class!!! I know I will come back to biew the lessons again and again. It was so mice to see how Amanda puts her pages together. I keep my fingers crossed she'll have more classes for us :-)
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@RenVer Moncton, NB Canada
Great tips!!
Very concise video presentations. Very good writer.
Great class
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@Mtnjhutch Collins, MO
A great introductory class for a memory planner newbie like me. Can’t wait for my 2018 Happy Planner to arrive so I can start memory planning 😊
I enjoyed this class and although I am using the Big Happy Planner to Memory Keep, I do like a lot of the ideas. Thank you for the class, Gentle Hugs
Amazing class, I learned so much! Thank you!
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@lbmitchell Castle Rock, CO
Almost everything in this class had already been covered on her blog and YouTube channel. I was hoping for more in-depth instructions and examples instead of just flip-throughs and explanations of what we were looking at.
I loved this class. It was very motivating and helpful.
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@jhall17 Arlington, TX
Really enjoyed this class with fun techniques to memory plan in my happy planner
Great class, lots of great information. The videos are well done and easy to understand!
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@VickiAldrich Cashmere, WA
Love this class so much!! Best class ever!!! Thanks a lot!
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@Eliene Brasília, DF Brazil
This class was helpful and informative.
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@pwilliam968 FREEPORT, NY
Awesome class
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@Steinagud Hafnarfjördur, Hafnarfjördur Iceland
I really enjoyed this class! I loved the videos attached to each lesson; I'm a visual person so it worked perfectly for me. Loved the easy explanation and the tips and tricks provided. Thank you and I'm super excited to continue to use the happy planner for memory keeping using what I've learned here.
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@Evelyncante Cerritos, CA
Amanda has a fantastic eye for design and shares her tips on making a totally personalized memory album using a dated planner as a template. She has a fun end engaging teaching style and packs tons of info into this class. Her techniques can easily be adapted to any memory-keeping format but she makes a great case for why the Happy Planner is the perfect starting point. Definitely recommend for anyone interested in memory keeping!
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@cluteran Syracuse, NY
I learned so much in this class! My memory keeping has been elevated to a new level thanks to the numerous tips and tricks that Amanda provided in the class. I really liked that Amanda encouraged us to try out the lessons before going on to the other lessons. This helped me to retain the information I learned and helped me to try out things before progressing onto more advanced techniques. The classes were the perfect length and easy to understand. I would recommend this class to anyone, no matter how much memory keeping experience they have had, from beginner to advanced.
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@megandear United States
Amazing! Amanda is the Queen of Memory-Keeping. I learned so many tricks watching this course, and she is a pleasure to watch and listen to. I am excited to document my entire 2017 in the "This is Your Year" Classic Happy Planner. HIGHLY recommend this to all memory-keepers.
@gklobucar Memphis, TN
I really liked this class! I follow Amanda on Instagram and wanted an in depth opportunity to learn more about memory keeping in my Happy Planner. Being a newbie to planners altogether, I'm always looking for guidance and ideas for how to use my planner best. This course was very insightful. I haven't started yet because I have decide what printer to purchase of all things but once I do, I absolutely cannot wait to get started.
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@Certainzee Durham, NC
Lots of useful tips! Loved the positive energy and ease that the teacher had through the class.