Nlg lesson 1 teaser
Introduction + a Little Look at a BIG Problem

How can you use it up if you have no idea what's there?! I think it's time to see what's there!

Nlg lesson 2 teaser2
Time to Stock-take, Sort, & Scrap

Now we have everything in one place, it's time to sort out what we LOVE from what we could LEAVE.

Nlg lesson 3 teaser
Creating New From Old

Time to start using our leftovers to create some kits of our very own.

Nlg lesson 4 teaser
Challenge: Finish That Kit!

Choose one kit and let's see just how many projects we can make!

Nlg lesson 5 teaser
Transforming LIKE into LOVE!

Let's use our bits and pieces to create a stockpile of embellishments and filler cards we love!

Nlg lesson 6 teaser
Challenge: Mixing Up the Rules

Let's shake things up and use a random kit for something other than it's intended purpose!