One Magical Mini
Img 4110 lesson 1 teaser
Making the Most out of the Magic

Discover how to make the most out of your magical park experience and begin to document it.

Img 3809 lesson 2 teaser
Once Upon a Time

Make a magical cover, and start the intro to your album with a cool pocket page.

Img 3746 lesson 3 teaser
"Over the Rainbow" Organization

Start organizing, and create sections for our album, beginning with the intro section.

Img 3871 lesson 4 teaser
"Live the Magic" Layouts

Learn how to make a multi-photo layout that's also a "one-photo" layout.

Img 4041 lesson 5 teaser
Princess Pocket Pages

See how to make pocket pages for your album and how to mix them with layouts and photo pages.

Img 3826 lesson 6 teaser
Enchanting Ephemera

Use your ephemera in fun, new, and different ways by turning autographs into a golden layout.

Img 3817 lesson 7 teaser
Journal Your Fairy Tale

Journal the magic, and write your own fairy tale, from "Once Upon a Time" to "Happily Ever After."

Img 4055 lesson 8 teaser
"Ever After" Endings

Check out the walk-through of Andrea's completed mini album.