One Magical Mini

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Hope she does more classes. I learned a lot of new methods and really enjoyed this class.
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Overall I really liked this class. Her videos were about 3 times as long as they needed to be and needed some serious editing. But I watched all of them (I ff through them a lot). But her album is really amazing and I love every bit of this class and his project. It was very inspiring. So even though the videos were a bit long, I still loved it overall.
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@shelliemg Milton/Pensacola, FL
I love all things Disney, but Andrea's different twist on supplies was amazing. Her techniques are easy to follow and really inspired me to pull out my sewing machine too!! This class was the whole reason why I now subscribed to BPC...Can't wait for more classes from Andrea!
If I could hit the thumbs up a million times I would. It was like nothing I have ever seen before...So Magical. Great instructions, ideas and the free downloads...yes and thank you. This class was total perfection....
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@LouiseMurr Corryton, TN