Teaser lesson1

The Introduction

Learn about Rebecca Luminarias and this card packaging class.

Teaster envelope present

Handmade Envelopes | Part One

Make an impact with your card BEFORE your recipient even lays eyes on it!

Bpc teaser  stitchedenvelope

Handmade Envelopes | Part Two

Make your own traditional envelope that's anything but ordinary!

Teaser glassine

Dressing Up Glassine Bags

Glassine bags are a fun option when you want to offer someone a sneak peek at their card!

Teaser box

The Outside of the Box

What happens when you've made a card that has fragile items on it like paper bows? Put it in a box!

Teaser lesson6

The Wrap Up

Get some tips for mailing and hand-delivering your lovingly wrapped cards with the class wrap up.

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