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great class. inspired now to tell my story :)
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@marymac13 Aberdeen, United Kingdom
Loved this class, thanks so much Tracie, lots of great information in here. Cant wait to start with the story!
I really liked the list of stories.
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@Scrapgurl Fort St John, BC Canada
This is a great Class! I have been scrapbooking for years but it was never so meaningful like now. I am looking forward to many more projects using this approach! Thank you!!!
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@Priscylla Orlando, FL
My scrapbooking will never be the same after taking this class! The handouts are so helpful and Tracie has a way of clearly communicating her ideas and tips. I will re-visit this class over and over!
@Msaula United States
Now I feel ready to add more story to my pages. I knew this was lacking for a long time but didn't know how to get the story in. This class changed my thinking, changed it from this overwhelming idea to something I feel I can do with confidence. I feel like I found my voice.
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@CraftyBex Sacramento, CA
Excellent class! You have shown me how scrapping will work best for me because I am a writer too! Thank you!
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@thecountryrose Rocheport, MO
Tracie's really helped me think about my own biggest stories.
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@mshanhun Perth, Western Australia Australia
i like how tracie emphasized the importance of the stories in our scrapbooks, & the personal stories she shared. she gave some good suggestions for brainstorming our own stories.
Great motivation to start with the story, not always the photo. Some good structures you can use to plan story pages are given too.
Liked the downloads. Great tool to get story idea and got me thinking
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@StephanieHokenson United States
Recording stories is important to me, but I wasn't sure how to merge that with the love of design, product and technique. This class lent much needed clarity to my story telling process in my scrapbooks. Thank You!
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@lucillavea Elk Ridge, UT
Love Tracie Claiborne! One of my favorite people in the industry. So glad she's here at BPC. I hope she will do more classes in the future. In this class I'm learning that I'm a product based scrapper. I want to tell my stories but always get stuck. Tracie is making me realize that I'm the one making it hard on myself. I just need to switch my process around in order to achieve my goals of more of my important stories being told in my scrapbooks.
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@janannemd Keene, TX
This class really got my wheels turning. I've considered myself a story-based scrapbooker for a long time now, but the videos and lessons included in this class really got me thinking about which stories I want to record and I am finishing it feeling very inspired. I will refer back to it for sure!
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@jschow United States
This is an outstandingly good class. So well done. The beautifully done videos make her points stick and the handouts are simple, short but rock with utility. She doesnt knock any scrapbooking approach and covers them well. Her case for Story first is entirely compelling for anyone who scrapbooks for legacy more than prettiness or product. Love Tracie's beautifully clean & simple style with great balance of white space and crisp contrast. This is probably my favorite new BPC class to date.
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@Skyetain Near Sacramento, CA
This class was a great reminder of why I started scrapbooking in the first place. The layouts I usually see online are definitely product driven so this was fresh inspiration. I'm a huge fan of Tracie's teaching style. Thanks!
@adrienneh1973 Brownsburg, IN