Storytelling with Scrapbooking | The Basics

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Krystal is a thorough and thoughtful teacher! She explains things well and often shares digital files that she creates. She is easy to understand and has a great scrapbooking style!
Loved this class! I hope to see Krystal do more projects @BPC
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@StephanieHokenson United States
This was such an informative class. Krystal is an amazing teacher and I hope she teaches many more classes.
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@Jc99 Burbank, CA
Loved this class! You have really helped me with telling my story better with the handouts. Really gets me thinking of what I want to convey in the story I am telling. Please do more classes!
Great class! I love the instructor, the videos, the worksheets, and content. Thanks Krystal!
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@KellyMi Los Angeles, CA