The Principles of Design for Cardmakers
Teaser intro1

An introduction to the principles of design and how they can improve your cardmaking skills.

Teaser proportion2

Learn how to use correct proportions for great card designs.

Teaser scale1

Learn what the different types of scale are and how to mix them for the best results.

Teaser balance1

Discover what types of balance there are and how they can affect the formality of your card designs.

Teaser emphasis1

Learn the different ways to create emphasis and how to decide which method to use on each card.

Teaser rhythm2

Learn how to identify visual rhythm and how it can affect the feeling of a card.

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Harmony, Unity & Variety

Learn what harmony, unity, and variety are and how vital they are to any good card design.

Teaser wrapup1

Review the principles and how to use them to improve cards that are not working.