War Binder | Journaling Your Faith
War binder class supplies (3)
Introduction & Supplies

Learn what a war binder is and what this class is about & gather your supplies.

War binder class lesson 2 devotionals and resources preview 2 (2)
Devotionals & Resources

Learn where to find quality devotionals and resources for intentional Bible study and time with God.

War binder class lesson 1 create inserts (2) icon
Creating Your War Binder Inserts

Discover how to create inserts and sectioned notebooks for your war binder.

War binder class lesson 4 setting up your war binder (1)
Setting Up & Organizing Your War Binder

Find out how to put together and organize your war binder for maximum impact.

Laura (9)
Creating Gorgeous Pages & How I Study the Word

See how I study devotionals and make gorgeous pages to document my notes and journaling.

Love like him war binder page (4)
Flip Through & Ending Notes

See a flip through of my war binder and read my ending notes for the class.