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Are you ready to become a Big Picture Classes student? Sign up for a free trial and start exploring our classes! If you decide to remain a member, you'll be charged $9.95 each month once your trial ends.

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While you're a member, you'll have access to our library of classes—and we'll be expanding it by adding new classes each month. You can dive in to any class any time, or save it for later if it's something you're not quite ready to tackle.

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Put what you're learning to use and share it in a classroom gallery (you'll find one in each class.)

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How much does a monthly membership cost? How long is the commitment?
Only $9.95 per month! And while we'd hate to see you go, you can cancel your membership anytime without incurring any cancellation fees.
When will my credit/debit card be billed for my membership?
Your credit/debit card will be billed on the day in which you sign up for a membership and the same day each month thereafter. If you started your membership with a free trial, your card on file will be charged upon the completion of your free trial and the same day each month thereafter.
Where can I see the details of my membership?
All information about your membership (and any orders that you place in our shop!) are on your account page, under Orders & Membership. From here you can see when your free trial ends, check your billing history and cancel your membership.
What classes are included in my membership?
While you are a member, you will have access to every class in our library, excluding our Masterclasses. We'll be working with expert teachers, crafters, and makers to add new classes to our library each month, and will give you 30 days notice should be need to retire a class.
What happens to my class progress if I cancel?
We'll save your seat in class, so you'll be able to pick up where you left off if you reinstate your membership!
Where are my transferring classes?
If you're a student in a class that is transferring from the old site, you DO NOT need to have a membership to access them. You can find them here now, and we'll be contacting you in the coming weeks with information on how to access them on the new site.

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Start your Free Trial $9.95/mo after trial ends

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