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Expand your crafty knowledge this week with three brand new classes starting today. Let planner girl extraordinaire, Cara Vincens, guide you to event planning organization in Plan Your Next Event. Discover your own one-of-a-kind style of hand lettering in Your Unique Lettering with Mandy Ford. And get another dose of Paige's Evans inspiration in the next installment of Paige's Pages! Dive into a classroom and start creating today! 

Plan Your Next Event

Don't let planning a big event or project overwhelm you again! In Plan Your Next Event, Cara Vincens shares her time-tested method for organizing and implementing a process to make event planning simple and easy. Set up a dedicated event planner to get yourself organized, map out and categorize your to-dos to stay focused, and create a calendar with deadlines along the way to make sure everything gets done on time. Plus, get tons of tips for decorating and customizing your planner to stay motivated and inspired! At the end of this class, your event guests will be begging you to plan their next event!

Start planning with Cara!

Your Unique Lettering

Find your own unique style of hand lettering! Join doodler and hand-lettering artist Mandy Ford and use your own handwriting as the foundation to find Your Unique Lettering! In this class, get tons of tips and inspiration to get started, explore your own handwriting styles, and transform your work into a hand-lettered masterpiece with dimension and embellishments! As an added bonus, Mandy shares how to create a finished work of art by digitizing and adding color to your piece. Whether you're creating prints to hang around your home or adding hand-lettered elements to your memory keeping, in this class, you'll gain the skills to put your own unique spin on your lettering!

Find your style with Mandy!

Paige's Pages | 14

Paige Evans's layouts often have us wondering—how did she DO that? In Paige's Pages | 14, Paige will be sharing the inspiration and techniques she uses each time she starts a layout and challenging you to look at your supplies in a whole new way.

Get crafty with Paige!

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