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Excellent class!! Love learning new techniques and what fun watching the page development.
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@tmac1069 Flint, MI
Really great class! The lessons are very clear and the class made me discover new ways to use gesso as well as gorgeous inspiration pages. I'd definitely recommend it for anybody who's interested in mixed media. Very nice and available teacher.
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@EvilBlackSheep Marseille, France
Céline is incredible. She is a mixed media genius, wonder woman, artist. This class was so educational. Honestly who knew you could use gesso in so many creative, unique and awesome ways. My mind is blown with possibilities. Thanks!
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@toribissell Stouffville, ON Canada
Love all the videos in this class! It's so inspiring when you get to see the entire process like this. Absolutely, love!
I like so much!
Celine's creative process is liberating!
Have seen three lessons now and am soooo inspired. Really excited to get playing with some gesso. Really inspired by her scrapbook in style in general.
@sgortzak Portishead, North Somerset United Kingdom
I liked everything about this class!
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@dreamfaerie Salem, OR
Awesome classes. I have learned so much.
Love the way Celine works with such freedom - no precision cutting or lining up. I am inspired and excited to try this way of working. Loved the class
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@Romie United Kingdom
I enjoyed the class would appreciate one that focus on creating just the backgrounds.
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Phenomenal class and uses of gesso that I couldn't even imagine! Thank you.
I love this class! Celine taught me the skills to immediately start putting my supplies to work! So much fun!
@Msaula United States
Brilliant - I have learnt so much and have a new "Go-To" craft item
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@Wobette Bristol, United Kingdom
Absolutely. Awesome. A fun and delightful class and instructor, learned way more than (just) 5 Ways To Use Gesso!
@krispens La Grange Park, IL
I'm very impressed with the process! You made it seem so easy! Thanks for all the Gesso info.
Loved it! Gave me so any new ways to play with gesso that I didn't know!! Great class!
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@sbzundel McKinney, TX
I love listening to her.
I loved all the ideas and can't wait to get creative.
I love that this class demonstrated some unique ways to use Gesso that I've never seen before (and I've take a lot of scrapbooking classes). The teacher moves along, which keeps it interesting.
@tulsateresa Tulsa, OK
Celine has a great way of explaining the how to her techniques and then getting us to see the why. Love her inspiration. Will watch these videos over and over.
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@tsangelini Lancaster, PA
Left this class inspired and ready for exploring a new world with gesso. Celine's effortless showcasing of her work and layouts leave you with jaw-dropping excitement and confidence to let loose and have fun! Definitely recommend this class for anyone who wants to try something new and think "outside" the normal box of scrapbooking! BRAVO!
I really liked this class. The videos were the perfect length and I like how the instructor showed two layouts for each technique. Best of all I now have more ideas on how to use Gesso!
Being new to mixed media - I found this to be a fabulous introduction to gesso and its many uses. Highly recommend taking this class.
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@jaccan Melbourne, Victoria Australia