Capture + Create

with Christine Herrin

Capture + Create

with Christine Herrin

About this class

Stop scrapping the same old vacation! In Capture + Create, join Christine Herrin as she shares a fresh perspective and creative tips for documenting your travels in a notebook with non-traditional scrapbooking supplies and new ideas for telling your stories in fun, unique ways. Learn how to approach a big project such as this with a plan and tips for whittling down a long trip into a project you're sure to love. Then get creative and learn to assemble your own one-of-a-kind notebook and start adding your stories. Throughout this class, you'll be encouraged to push creative boundaries on what a travel scrapbook can be while documenting your favorite trip memories with a focus on storytelling. Are you up for the adventure? All lessons are available now. 

Christine Herrin

  • San Francisco, CA
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10 lessons

Christine shares unique ideas for getting your adventure memories documented in a notebook with a focus on storytelling. Each lesson features detailed written instruction, videos to follow along with, and homework assignments to get your creativity flowing!

4 hours

It'll take around four hours to watch all the videos and read the text, but be prepared to put in some extra crafty time to create your project.


This masterclass is self-paced. Take it anytime, anywhere, and on any device. You’ll receive long-term access to the content in this class, so return to the material whenever you need a boost of creative inspiration.

Class Lessons


Let's talk about what we’re going to be tackling in this class!

What's The Story?

Get started collecting and capturing the stories you want to tell.

Capture Everything

Gather your materials and ephemera and get ready to start creating.

Preparing Album 1: "Ten Moments"

Prep the content and materials for our first album, "Ten Moments."

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