Mastering iPad Lettering

with Mandy Ford

Mastering iPad Lettering

with Mandy Ford

About this class

Up your hand lettering game by going digital! In Mastering iPad Lettering, Mandy Ford shares how you can expand your lettering horizons using an iPad and the Procreate app. Take your lettering from the physical page into a whole new world of crafty possibilities! Start with the basics as Mandy gives an in-depth overview of the Procreate app, how to get started using the app's tools, and her favorite tips and tricks. Explore different brushes and color palettes as well as how to embellish your lettering and add fun details to make it pop! Throughout this masterclass, you'll create your own hand-lettering piece starting with gathering inspiration, sketching it out, adding details, and finishing your final art print. Explore what you can create when you master iPad lettering! 

All content is available in the classroom now. If you want to learn more about her art, check out Mandy's other classes in our member library.

Mandy Ford

  • Richmond, IN

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9 lessons

Mandy starts with an in-depth overview of the Procreate app using an iPad. Then begin creating your own lettered art piece from start to finish. Each lesson features detailed written instruction, videos to follow along with, and homework assignments to practice your skills!


4 hours

It'll take around four hours to watch all the videos and read the text, but be prepared to put in some extra practice time to learn the app and hone your skills.



This masterclass is self-paced. Take it anytime, anywhere, and on any device. You’ll receive long-term access to the content in this class, so return to the material whenever you need a boost of creative inspiration.

Class Lessons

Introduction to Procreate

Let's dive in and learn how to use Procreate!

Procreate Tips & Tricks

Let's dive deeper into Procreate and learn how to use all of the tools, brushes, and colors!

Finding Inspiration

Now it's time to collect inspiration for our lettering!

Sketching Things Out

Create a rough sketch of your lettering using the pencil brush.

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