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Loved all the ideas Pam presented in this class! .....adding text to my photos is something I've been wanting to do more of and I learned lots of helpful tips and tricks watching the videos.
@leannemw United States
Great class! I've been using text on photos and in creative ways for years, but I learned some things from this class. Also, I use Photoshop, instead of PSE, but the lessons were easy to follow. Pam is a most competent instructor.
This class packs a plethora of tips and tricks into easy to digest lessons. Pam's design sense is gorgeous. I now have a renewed interest in hybrid scrapbooking!
Great Class. Pam has a great teaching style, and her directions are very easy to follow. Looking forward to more from Pam!
Loved this class! Pam explains Photoshop Elements so simple and makes understanding it so easy. I had a lot of light bulb moments during this class! I literally would pause her videos, open up my Photoshop Elements, and try out a technique right away. This definitely is my favorite Big Picture Class!!
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@jenjeb San Diego, CA
I learned quite a few new things. Loved the chunky vellum letter look, and have used the idea on three separate layouts. Mixing the different fonts on the same picture as been tough and this class made it easy. Really enjoyed the entire class.
This class is FULL of good ideas!! Even if you already know how to play with text in Photoshop, I'm sure you'll learn something new here or at the very least gather some cool ideas! :)
Pam, your easy manner and clear instructions made this class both enjoyable and doable. I work in Photoshop and am quite proficient but it just shows that we can always learn lots. Thanks for sharing all your wonderful ideas.
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@Michele_T Melbourne, Vic Australia
This is an excellent class. Great ideas and beautiful projects. The organization and presentation of the topics is perfect.
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@Neela Santa Barbara, CA
Great class!!! Very very useful tips and tricks.
Very informative. The short little videos thru out the lesson really helped. It helped to see the technique in action. Very nicely done.
Great ideas! One of my favorites from the new classes.
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@ChristineE Snellville, GA
This class was EXCELLENT!! I love all the information that was included but presented in an easy to understand format. The corresponding videos were great. I've been able to play, pause, practice and play again to get the technique down. This class is definitely a keeper.
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@khartwell Lawton, OK
My favorite class so far. It has a good number of lessons with so many great tips, tricks, and ideas. All the examples and videos were very useful and inspiring. I'm ready to play!
@packmom West Sacramento, CA
Learnt so much, loved this class.
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@tracey0502 Perth, WA Australia
This was an amazing class and had a bunch of information to offer. Pam is a great teacher.
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This is a wonderful class! I'm fairly new to scrapbooking and very new to PSE. I learned so much - tricks and tips and many great creative ideas! Pam's videos and instructions are clear and concise and make learning fun. I've already used many of the ideas and can't wait to try more. Like others have commented, a print out of the instructions would be great; as it is I took lots of notes and have revisited the videos as needed. Thanks Pam for so much excellent content and lots and lots of creative sparks!!
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I learned more from this class than I have learned in the entire year I've owned Photshop Elements! Pam explains each step so clearly. Her step by step videos are easy to follow and I could immediately pull up a picture and begin using her tips! Loved this class and now have skills that I can build on for years to come!
@Msaula United States
I am new to PSE but jumped right in with this class...while there is alot of basics to get down in PSE, I was able to follow Pam's lessons and videos with absolutely no problems and when I did have a question, she answered very quickly! Kudos to an awesome class!!!
I love this class so much. It is so useful for my Project Life pictures.
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@gogogirl81 United States
Thank you so much for this class! I feel like it was the perfect mix of instruction with words and showing me with video. I really learned how to do the things I admired on layouts I'd seen, thanks again!
This class was filled with sooooo many ideas. Good clear speaking voice also. Love her ideas hope theres more to come.
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@applehead Saint Louis, MO
Great class, so much information and i loved all of the videos!
Great ideas - love all the ideas!
@kelliejk La Mesa, CA
Great ideas and perfect instructions, all well teached! I have a pretty good knowledge about digital scrapbooking but still enjoyed and learned from this videos. Hoping to see more of you ! Tamara
I've taken quite a few scrapbooking classes and whilst the teachers "demo" their pages, a lot of the time they don't really teach you why their pages work from a design perspective. I've taken other Digital classes and because the instructor was using the professional version of PS (and seemed to assume I knew the basics), I never got much out of them and gave up. With Pam's class I feel like I am learning so much about her design approach AND how to use PSE. For the first time it doesn't feel so overwhelming and I think this is just what I needed to take the first steps of becoming a hybrid scrapper. Thank you! I can't wait to add my children's handwriting to their pictures. Its just such a cool way to capture how they are right now.
This class was awesome. I've tried to use Photoshop Elements before but it was all too hard so have given up several times. Thanks to this class I have now purchased Photoshop Elements and am using it regularly on my PL spreads. So many tips and techniques and who knew Elements wasn't that hard after all!! Thanks so much Pam, you are such an inspiration.
A very useful and inspiring class, thanks a lot!
I literally cannot gush enough about this class. I learned so many new tricks that I am so excited to try and play with. Thanks so much Pam- can't wait for another class!!
Best class I have taken to date.. Hope to see more. Soon
This is an excellent class! The lessons are shown step by step in the videos; and even if you are a traditional scrapper, as I am, you can use these techniques in other ways. (card making, scrapbooking, presentations, etc...) It is in my top 5 BPC classes. It is recommended that you have Photoshop Elements, but I am using the basics taught here in another editing software.
So inspirational. The instructor is a very talented creative person and excellent photographer. Thoroughly enjoyed.
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@Taylorville Northport, AL
Wonderful class!
@Roberta United States
One of the very best classes I've taken ever!!
Good class. I learned some great tips.
Great class!! Loved all the videos, ideas, and links to fonts to use. Very easy to follow and very cute layout ideas.
I LOVED this class. I know I'll come back to it again and again as I try using fonts on my photos using Photoshop.
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@martah22 Redwood City, CA
I learned a lot from this class! The instructor was very informative, with detailed directions, and easy to follow.
Awesome class!!!!
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@projas Las Condes, Santiago, Santiago Chile
Awesome classes. Thank you!
This class was wonderful! Super helpful and she is a great teacher!!!
Excellent and useful information in this class. Definitely will be rewatching this one to take down some notes on all of the great tips and tricks.
Pam Baldwin is a fantastic teacher!! I've been frustrated with Photoshop Elements for so long. Pam's Text Tricks class taught me A LOT in a very short period of time. I'm super grateful and am looking forward to employing my new skills!
Loved it! I am so glad I had the chance to join this class. I got so many new trix for adding text on my photos and layouts now. I would love to refer back to this class content again and again. :-)
This class was amazing and by itself would be worth more than the monthly sub fee, which is why I signed up! Pam did an excellent job walking through her techniques with PSE, and she is so super knowledgeable, I wanted to take my time going through the lessons. I am excited to do more with PSE and text and enjoyed this class thoroughly! I love the bonus file at the end, thank you! BPC, please have Pam teach more classes!!
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@mem186 Rochester, NY
This was the best class I have ever taken. It taught so much about PSE that I could never find in a book and gave me so many new ideas. Please bring this instructor back again. She is fantastic!
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@shystad Auburn, WA
Absolutely amazing class! As a photographer this class has opened up a whole new world for my photos and memory keeping. Love her way of teaching. Everything was easily digestible and simple to understand.
@Karmasjourney Grand Prairie, TX
This is my first Big Picture class in many years. The content was very useful and Pam did an awesome job of covering the material. She shared a lot of tips and tricks that I will be playing with a lot in the future. Thanks Pam for a 5 star job on this class.
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@JoAnneRIL United States
Pam Baldwin was the only reason I signed up for Big Picture Classes! I have learned more from her two classes I've taken than years of online searching and fumbling trying to figure it out myself.
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@StephanieHokenson United States