Big impact lesson 1 teaser resized

Full-Page Photo Layout

Create a layout using a photo as the background to create a big impact!

Lesson 2 sneak

Large Shaped Photos

Cut your large photo into a shape to create a unique layout!

Big impact lesson 3 layout teaser resized

Split Pages

Create a layout that's split in half using a large photo.

Lesson 4 teaser

Two-Page Layout | Photo on One Side

Create a two-page layout to tell a longer story with the photo on one page and story on the other.

Lesson 5 teaser

Two-Page Layout | Photo Spans Across Both Pages

Create a two-page layout with the photo spanning across both pages and create a balanced layout.

Big impact lesson 6 teaser   resized

Cut Out Portions of Your Photo Background

Create a layout with the photo as the background and cut into your photo to add interest.

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